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Alex game


Having experimented with Three.js to create a controllable, animated figure, I became interested in the idea of making a very rudimentary game. While it is a fantastic library, Three.js does have a couple of notable downsides when used to create this type of application. Namely, greediness in regards to performance and system resource, and relative awkwardness when importing rigged, animated character meshes. I decided to take the rigged Alex mesh I created before, and experiment with another tool: Unity. This highly popular games development engine turned out to be well suited, handling object physics and collisions with a minimal amount of fuss on my part. Although it is designed to run natively on Windows and Mac, finding a Linux .deb version was the thing that pushed me into trying it. The mesh itself is not particularly artfully crafted and the animations are terrible - my focus here was on the code theory, not aesthetics. With the clunky, test game done, I can now focus on creating a more rounded, fully-fledged, (albeit basic) game...if I can find time among other commitments.

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