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Country house simulation


Earlier this year, I developed an environment collision system - designed to work on top of ThreeJS - to create games and simulations involving corporeal terrains. In parallel, I found myself putting some free time into modelling and texturing the interior of a country house, in Blender.

Bringing the two things together, we have this.

One thing I was adamant about was modelling absolutely everything - no third party prefabs have been draughted in, which is pretty typical of how I operate when creating 3D scenes that I publish here. However, I must confess to basing the lobby on an image I found somewhere online.

The initial impetus for creating this was an intention to have a nice environment for the 3D chat sim that I developed during a hackday last winter. But my focus is on other things now, and it seems unlikely that this will be combined with that project. Instead, it exists here as a thing in its own right - for now.

The modelling and texturing is a bit lazy in places, and the minimalistic hit detection system I put together very occasionally gets confused by the winding angles of the staircase.

One of the items in the house can be activated by pressing the E key - see if you can find which one it is!

Please note: No mobile support for this app.

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