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This item is the result of further experimentation with the Three.js javascript library. I originally planned for this 3D world to appear on the homepage of this website, but in fact, decided to opt for a more conventional concept, and place this within my portfolio instead. The original concept for this item was that it would depict a navicable 3D world that shifts and changes, in response to slideshow navigation controls: For a slide regarding business, skyscrapers emerge from the ground, and a suburban neighbourhood manifests in the foreground. For a slide regarding code, the terrain takes on a greyish colour to depict the surface of the moon.

Some of the notable features of this experiment include:

  • The inclusion of half a dozen meshes that I sculpted myself using Blender.
  • Animated butterflies that I sculpted, rigged, animated, and programmed to hover within a specific, general area, and sometimes be attracted to the camera.
  • Mesh location, rotation, scale, and position tweens, of various easing types, facilitated with the Tween.js library.
  • A rotating skybox.

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